Are you the one using Netflix, Amazon prime, and few more? Then you need to know what is OTT & VOD?

Due to this COVID-19 lockdown people are getting more familiar with this OTT platform. Even the film industry is also showing interest in the OTT platform. We have seen the top producer of Tollywood Allu Arvind has launched the OTT service to the public in the name of AHA.

On Friday 15th May 2020 Amazon Prime Videos announced through Twitter that they are going to give a premier of five south Indian Films. Among those five films two Tamil, two Kannada and one are from Malayalam. Does it seem like Amazon prime videos are going to create a new history?

Now let's know what exactly this OTT platform is about. Keep going to know more about OTT......... OTT stands for Over the Top. Initially we used to have a subscription to a traditional cable network to have access to TV content. But as of now in this OTT platform has created a degree of convenience for consumers of entertainment. With the help of this OTT platform you can watch the movie that you want or the show that you want or the original that you want or the web series that you want or the document that you want. It gives the convenience to watch like Where you want? When you want? And On the medium that you want?

What is VOD?

VOD stands for Video On Demand. As of now we have 3 types of VODs. AVOD, TVOD and SVOD.

What is AVOD? AVOD stands for Add based Video On Demand. This AVOD is completely free to the consumer. But as it is an add based video on demand they need to watch the advertisement just like a traditional cable networks. We can see AVOD in action while watching YouTube and 4OD.

What is TVOD? TVOD stands for Transactional Video on Demand. TVOD is a service that charges customer on pay-per-view-basis. It has two types of categories

Electronic Sell thought ( EST ).

  • Customer need to pay once to get a permanent access to the content that he want.

Download to Rent ( DTR ).

  • Customer need to pay a price for the content that he wants so that he gets access for a limited period of time. That too for a less fee compared to EST.

Examples for TVOD services are: Apple's iTunes, Amazon's video store and few more

What is SVOD? SVOD stands for Subscription Video On Demand. This SVOD allows users to consume as much as content they want according to the price that they pay on monthly basis. SVOD gives the convenience to the customers to watch like Where you want? When you want? And On the medium that you want? This OTT platform belongs to this SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) Examples SVOD services are: Netflix, Amazon prime video and few more.


  • BIGflix is the 1st OTT service which was launched by by the Reliance Entertainment in the year 2008. BIGflix is India's 1st service to provide movie on demand.

  • In 2010 Digivive launched India's first OTT mobile app called nexGTv by this Digivive provided access to both live TV and even the content which is demanded by customers. nexGTv is the 1st app to stream live of Indian Premier League in 2013 and 2014.

  • In 2012 Ditto TV was launched from Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited, Zee Digital Convergence, and this service was integrated with Zee5 in 2018 February 15.

  • Star India Officially launched Hotstar in 2015 February. Hotstar had acquired streaming rights of Indian Premier League.

  • Netflix an American based streaming service launched in India on 2016 January. In 2017 April Netflix registered as a Limited Liability Partnership(LLP).

  • Amazon prime video was launched in India on July 26, 2016.

  • AHA was launched in India on 8 February 2020. This was launched by Allu Arvind in association with Rameshwara Rao.

Currently in India we have more than 40+ of Over the top (OTT). Even the leading producer of tollywood Suresh Babu and Dil Raju are also in plan to launch a OTT app.

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